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About Me

I'm Charles. You can also call me PTC Profit or PTCP in short.

I started this site is to help myself and also help other people to earn more by refback. I believe everyone should help one another to earn more without investment.

I am very grateful to PTC Investigations, Klickjobs & Mursalin for the help they had given me when I am designing this site. Any original images that I used from other source had already been obtain permission from the respective owners.

Feel free to contact me if you had any questions using the contact at the side.


I am happy to add you as my partner if you follow the following rules:

1) Sites should not had any scam sites.
2) Information on your sites must be accurate and true.
3) Does not content any Malicious or Porn Contents.
4) You had to add my banner on your site.
5) Currently I can add partner as "text link" on my site.
6) No bad domain that had blacklisted by Security Companies such as .cc

If you are interested, you can either comment on this page or use the contact form at the site. 


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